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Alpha Iota Pi is a professional organization exclusive to the USC School of Pharmacy. We promote unity and family values among our members, not only as students, but also as health care professionals. The organization focuses on advancing professional development and community impact using our strong foundation of leadership in the academic and professional pharmacy community. In expanding upon the boundaries of pharmacists’ role in the healthcare field, Alpha Iota Pi has outreach and advocacy programs and projects targeting wellness and disease management for the destitute population, as well as populations with limited to no healthcare resources. With such focus, our professional and social events foster collaboration and excellence, while promoting advocacy and growth for the pharmacy profession.

The Past

Alpha Iota Pi was first founded by Professor Willard G. Smith to combat the post-World War II discrimination that Japanese Americans were facing. It was designed to help members overcome obstacles through unity and friendship, so that they could become successful and prominent in the field of pharmacy. It was first established in 1951 with Takeshi Matsuyama as the first president. In 1989, Alpha Iota Pi opened its door to female pharmacy students, making it a co-ed professional pharmacy organization. Dr. Robert Koda was the second faculty advisor until 2001. In 2005, under the presidency of Vinson Lee, Alpha Iota Pi contributed to the Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund. In 2009, under the direction of Michael Wu and Andy Thai, Alpha Iota Pi held its first health fair at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Monterey Park, which has become one of our biggest annual events to give back to our community.

The Present

Today, Alpha Iota Pi is a diverse and balanced co-ed professional organization and one of the leading student organizations at USC School of Pharmacy, whose roster of student leaders at the USC School of Pharmacy is phenomenal. Its philosophies of brotherhood, leadership, loyalty, and professionalism will sustain it well into future decades. It will continue to lead the health profession by fostering unity and friendship, as well as commitment to the school, profession and community.



We provide free annual health screenings for communities around us with the help of our dedicated student pharmacists and alumni.

Alpha Iota Pi Buckboard Health Fair 2019

Alpha Iota Pi Buckboard Health Fair 2019


We invite back our esteemed alumni and provide a great networking opportunity for our brothers.


As a professional pharmacy organization, we volunteer in philanthropy events. Last year we walked to end multiple sclerosis and raised money through Hoops For Charity.

Hoops 4 Charity

Hoops 4 Charity

Walk to End MS

Walk to End MS

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